Tide Gate Design

Maximize environmental benefits,
Without compromising flood control and drainage.

Meet the Juel Tide Gate

Elegant Simplicity

An 11 year old can understand how it works. There are no complicated components or fluids.

Want to disable the gate temporarily during flood events? No problem.

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Fail-Safe Dependability

Because Juel Tide Gates are naturally open, if anything goes wrong they operate like standard flap gates, closing when the tide comes in and opening when the tide goes out.

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Durable Construction

Our tide gates use the highest quality materials available – 316 stainless steel and high density polypropylene.

That’s why our gate controls have a lifetime warranty.

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Elegant Simplicity

Design Components

There are four parts to the Juel Tide control system: a line, a sheave, a tension regulator and a means of adjusting or 'tuning' the tension in line.

'Tuning' your gate

Setting up your tide gate is so easy, anyone can do it. The mechanism works just like a typical boat wench.

Lifetime Guarantee

The parts are inexpensive and easily replaced. Juel Tide Gates provides a life-time guarantee on all of the components of the gate control system.